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Looking for a location for your cannabis business, but it's too hard too find?  Call us!

Cannabis Commercial Real Estate

Cannabis Commercial Real Estate

Looking for Cannabis Commercial Real Estate ? We have built our team of Real Estate agents, Brokers, Landlords and Real Estate Investors. We search the entire state of California in search for properties to fit our clients needs. As more and more cities are starting to allow licensed cannabis businesses to operate in properly zoned areas within the city, our list continues to grow!

The hardest part of the industry is finding a location. We have built up our business network or real estate professionals to help you with your cannabis commercial real estate needs. Along with helping our clients through the local licensing process, the first step to starting your local license application is to have a location in the properly zoned areas of chosen city.

Cannabis Commercial Real Estate

Where do I start?

Before jumping ahead of yourself, make sure you have your correct paperwork and corporate filing. Call 420 College for a consultation and make sure your cannabis business is started up legally. 420 College offers Corporate Filing, Business Operating Procedures, and our local licensing assistance.

Already have your paperwork ready?

Don’t be fooled by the competition. We have been in the industry since 2009, we will get you started on the right foot. Our consultant’s will make sure your paperwork is correct. Once everything is confirmed, we can start the location finder process!

Cannabis Commercial Real Estate Cannabis Commercial Real Estate 

Cannabis Commercial Real Estate Cannabis Commercial Real Estate  

Click on each tab to see updated available locations in the city of your choosing.

New available properties are updated often but they go fast, so check our website daily.  

Our Property List

  • West Sacramento

  • Sacramento

    150,000 sq ft for Cultivation Available (10,000 sq ft minimum)
  • Fresno

  • Los Angeles

    -Retail Store Front Locations Available 900-3000 sq ft
  • San Diego

  • San Bernardino County

    -160 acres available for Cultivation